Top 3 Ultimate Planners for Bloggers


As a blogger, I tend to spend more time browsing a ton of other websites aside from the research work that I needed to be doing for my blog. And with that, I squander a lot of time surfing the web instead of doing my intended article. Until I discovered a fabulous tool that definitely keeps me on track on my post and writing activities.

This tool is a planner designed especially for bloggers. There might be a ton of other planners like this all over the web but these selections are free and printable for us to try. Being a planner addict  myself and with planners being a bit pricey at times - you can really never go wrong with freebies such as these picks.
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  1. Printable Blog Planner from - This printable is an ultimate planner designed for the serious blogger at work. It consists of pages such as Focus Worksheet, Analytics Page, Passwords Page, StyleSheet Page, Brainstorming Pages, Pages for Affiliates, Collaborations, Pitch Minder and a lot more! Seriously, this is the best that I have found so far. It is so concise for all the bloggers out there, beginners and advanced, alike. It comes in colorful fonts and definitely for the fun and vibrant bloggers out there.
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  3. Ultimate Blog Planner Kit from DesignerBlogs - This is the first one that I have downloaded and tried. It comes in a very classy and elegant design that is simplistic enough so that you can focus on the topic you're working on. Its pages include Blog To Do List, Posts Topics Brainstorming, Yearly Blogging Goals, Monthly Post Calendar, Weekly To Do Lists, Weekly Post Planner, among others. 
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  5. Content Planner + Editorial Calendar from -  A very straight to the point planner with pages such us Post Ideas, Editorial Calendar, Newsletter Planning, Offerings Planning, Social Media Tracker, and To-do Lists. It's very simple, design-wise, and editable so it's customizable for any personalities. It's a very helpful tool to organize your content ideas and plan it for properly scheduled postings.

TIP: Since all of these planners are downloadable, you can choose your own pages to print out and compile to fit your personal planner necessities. It will turn out really unique!  

I hope you find this selection helpful. In case you know of other helpful planners for us bloggers, kindly comment it down below so we all could give it a try!

Happy planning as well as blogging! 

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