Thanksgiving Post 2016: Change



2016 has been a year of changes for me.

It would be an understatement to say that I am thankful and grateful that through this stage God has been with me, guiding me and directing me to the way I should go.

Marking those changes was the moment I decided to take blogging seriously. I have been blogging for quite awhile now, but simply as a hobby. The concept of earning a living through blogging and freelancing is still not the norm from where I live, so the struggle is totally real. I have to get encouragement from people who are already there.

I realized that gone are the days that blogging is just a form of an outlet. I now see that the competition is so high already in this industry that I was so amazed I was even listed on the top waitlist of Affiliate Contest.

Not a big deal. Besides, I didn't really expect a slot on the awesome getaway that they offer.

Well, I was mistaken! I got a call just last night saying that I got a slot! I couldn't scream loud enough out of excitement!!

It might be out of pure luck for somebody, but for me, it's another opportunity that God is putting my way. I don't honestly know what to expect at this kind of events but I'm only praying for the good and the best out of it.

What a better way to start a new phase in my life! I know that mingling with these people who have more experience with freebies and exclusive getaways would be a refreshing change for me.

So if I were you, why not be an affiliate at as well? Click here if you have decided already. And if not, just stay tuned for more continuing posts about it.

Sometimes, a change could be a good thing.

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