4 Unexpectedly Extraordinary Things to Notice in Sabtang Batanes


View of Ivana Port from San Jose de Ivana Church
If you've never traveled before, you would never expect such a beautiful, tranquil place in the Philippines. But since Pinas is an island made of tiny islands, some of which have only been traversed by extreme adventure seekers, it's no wonder that this special place still holds the title of total tranquility.

Continuing the story of our trip in Batanes, here's my take on Sabtang Island, Batanes and beholding the 4 unexpectedly unique Beauties I found in this grandeur island.

Values-themed Cafe/Stores. 

If Batan Island has the Honesty Coffee Shop, Sabtang Island welcomes all tourist to its Conscience Cafe & Souvenir Shop. Aren't they all well-themed? 

Well-Maintained Historical Churches/Chapels. 

While I know, there are tons of churches in the whole of Batanes, Sabtang prides itself of its own churches as well. Here are some of the ones that really captured my eyes as we journeyed along. Notice how they are all well-maintained and clean to the look? It just goes without saying that the locals here have a respect for their own religion.

San Vicente Ferrer Church
St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel

Sta. Rosa de Lima Chapel in Sabtang Batanes
Sta. Rosa de Lima Chapel

The Admirable Effort that Went Behind the Building of the Stone-houses

I don't know how to emphasize this a lot better. But the stone-houses in this island, particularly, still mesmerizes me. It's even made unique once you hear the story of how they used to make these houses in the olden days. I'm sure your chosen tour guide will gladly relay that to you. 

Besides the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel chapel is this old beaterio, an old priest's house. A perfect picturesque view for any occasions! 
Remember this scene from Yeng Constantino's hit MTV song, Ikaw? Yup, I've always wondered where that place was. Now I know. It's even prettier in person.

Breath-taking Scenic Cliff Views 

I now believe that remote islands offer the best and tranquil view of the ocean side. Photos and videos really don't do any justice to the beautiful creation God has made. You really have to feel the wind blowing against your face and whiff the scent of the ocean beneath to really appreciate these exquisite views.

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I know there are tons more of beautiful things to notice on this island, and I would so love to know them all! Please do leave me a comment below to let me know if you found some more! 

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