China Backlogs Part Two: Understanding Chinese


China Backlogs 2: Understanding Chinese

Here's another backlog entry from a journal entry I made while in China..

Oct 12, 2014
Its sunday today so we had a church service normally. And since we are living in the roof of the tabernacle, it would be natural that we be early.
It's exciting to finally feel what it feels like to be in a foreign country and be with the brethren who went through the same steps, stuff that we also had, spiritually speaking. I mean, these same people are the people Bro Bob, who ministered to my family and church back in the Philippines, was and has been burdened about. 
I am finally understanding why he has so much compassion and burden to the Chinese people. For one thing, as Bro. Gideon has said, their heritage mostly came from the Bible. Their's are not the mixture of different cultures from different country. They are more attuned to their own culture and historical heritage unlike some other culture that Ive experienced and personally saw. Japanese are the same but I think what separate the Chinese people from them are the fact that they are more open to the Gospel. I dont know, but so far thats what I have observed.
Having said that, its interesting to know and see people from different part of Asia believing and following the same doctrine that we follow back home. Not only is it a blessing, I think its a miracle that God could allow such things to happen. 
Suffice it to say, I have yet to see and know more about what traditional Chinese does. Especially does people who are Christian Chinese. 
Exploring this place is a lot more challenging that how it appears to be. Aside from the strong language barrier, there are simple stuff that I usually take for granted from them, especially back home. 
For one thing, if you see traditional Chinese drawings somewhere, you would typically stereotype it as chinese simply because of its intricacy. But looking at them closely, you will come to realize that each piece of art has been skillfully made. And how facinateing it would be to see them drawing inside a bottle using only a thin stick? I don't know what its called but its really happening. Im just totally overblown but their work of art. No wonder even their characters/letters are so hard to imitate!

China Backlogs 2: Understanding Chinese

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