Poetry: The Wind – Like You


Finally a dated piece!! I know some of you will like this. And has definitely been through this.

You remember when you where young and innocent? When  a little infatuation could knock you off your feet and make your thoughts go whirling around?

Well, as far as I’m concerned, this is what this next piece was all about. That little gnawing feeling of expectation could totally throw you down, starting subtly from your own thoughts.

The Wind – Like You
Aug. 31, 2004
I lingered amidst the whispering wind
That kissed my cheeks with its charming mist
That combed its fingers through my long, dark hair
And blew its breath upon my skin so fair

I lingered upon these bewildering thoughts
That made my mind twist and turn
I hovered my spirit over the questioning past
And wondered why time is turning so fast.

The host of wind smote my face
And woke my soul with its tickling lace
Upon its restless doubtful haze
As it wondered through an endless maze

My thoughts turned and wheeled
As it pondered of you so real
If you would continue here by my side
Or from me will forever hide

I know for sure you'll never be mine
You heart belongs to another - that's sublime
But like the wind that never can be seen
I hope upon you I still could lean
Oh! how does my thoughts differ now from that before. I could never fathom for the life of me how I could every write such things as these. It sounds so cheesy and so cliché now that I have a deeper, clearer perspective about life and the thing they call ‘love’. 
Yet, isn’t it fascinating how this thing could do us good as well as bad? Not only emotionally but also – mentally. :P Think about it.

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  1. love your blog design, please consider make a contribution to poets rally today.


  2. Love the feel of this poem. Glad you posted it for us to see. :)


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