Catching up…


It wasn’t ages ago since I last posted. In fact, it was just a week ago, I think.
Anyway, there were bad news and good news that happened lately.
The good news is, I’ve got a new router. Which means, I’ll have a faster wireless connection now. The old one I mean, its been here a very long time ago, and I’ve already felt its aging, since I can hardly browse any websites using its connection. And now that I’ve got a new one, my life definitely changed.
The bad news on the other hand, is that although I have a very fast connection now, my time so far has been consumed with my playing games on FB. Yeah, right. It was like my whole world  was turned upside down and I became a child again. Because all I ever did this past couple of days was play games – they were just simply intoxicating. Hahaha!! I can’t even find a right word for it.
So yeah. instead of making productive time out of my boring days, I’m here playing games, and killing time.

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  1. hahahaha! and i think that was very contagious! should i thank you for the influence? lol

  2. no don't....its such a bad


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